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Red or Dead?

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Healthy IN MODERATION only!

The old adage used to be ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Increasingly, evidence seems to suggest that red wine may change that to ‘a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away’ if we hope to keep in long-term good health.

Many studies seem to indicate that moderate consumption of red wine can improve your overall heart health and circulation. Moderate drinkers are said to outlive both heavy drinkers and, perhaps most astonishingly, non-drinkers who never touch a drop of alcohol. Alcohol is thought to remove or repurpose ‘bad’ cholesterol into ‘good’ cholesterol, further assisting the heart.

Add to this the very powerful antioxidant component found in red wine and you also begin to see an increase in the defence against problems relating to blood flow in the brain – possibly even preventing strokes. Better yet, these antioxidants are thought to be major weapons in the fight against cancer, heart disease and both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

On a more fundamental level, red wine looks useful in the fight against obesity and related illnesses – at least, if taken in very moderate amounts, such as a glass a day. The French appear to have known this fact for centuries – although the French have a diet infamously heavy in saturated fats, the overall rates of obesity are very low compared to the rest of Europe. Researchers are already calling this ‘the French paradox’.

Most significantly, a component called resveratrol – found in the skins of the grapes – is thought to increase life expectancy – great news for fans of red wine! It should be noted however that most of the trials that have been made in lab conditions with mice and rats – it will be a long time before full clinical trials with humans. Although the evidence is encouraging, there’s nothing conclusive so far. But the findings are compelling enough for many people to already champion the health benefits of a glass of wine a day.

For the health-conscious, this may be a good time to sample a glass of red wine, with a view of making a (responsible) habit of it… for all the right reasons!

But if all the choice in the supermarkets is too much, and you don’t know your Merlot from your Malbec, why not consider asking an expert? If you visit a wine merchant they’ll be able to advise you on which red wines to plump for. With free business listings from Directory Today you can find off licences or wine merchants near you to get all the red wine advice you could need!

Ian Terry

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