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Is Roof Thatching Dying Out?

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Plenty of us have slate roofs, especially in cities and towns, but go into more rural, countryside areas and you may notice that many houses have their roofs thatched. Roofs are created from combed wheat reed, long straw or Norfolk reed, depending on the area and which materials are available for thatchers. This often gives houses and cottages a wonderfully traditional, homely, and rustic effect. Yet, with more houses switching to slate roofs, is roof thatching dying out?

Well, according to statistics, the United Kingdom is home to more thatched roofs than any other European country.  However, since the 1800s, the number of thatched buildings decreased from one million to 35,000 by 1960 due to a wider range of alternative materials now being offered. Nowadays, some 5% of new builds are opting for a thatched roof. Even though this is a relatively small percentage, it still proves that the Tudor look is favoured by a considerable number of people.

Thatching has been used in England over the past three centuries, using methods that were traditionally passed down from generation to generation. Widely associated with the medieval period (especially straw roofs), thatching is becoming popular again because of the renewed interest in preserving historic buildings, creating a rustic effect on homes, and because of its reliance on more sustainable building materials.

Those of you reading this who believes that a slate roof – rather than a thatched one – is more beneficial for your home, then you may be mistaken. A good quality straw thatched roof can last for over 50 years when applied by a skilled thatcher. Thatching can also be done relatively cheaply too, compared to other methods. On average, a roof can be thatched for around £100-£120 per square metre.  If you own a small cottage, for example, then a thatched roof may be a good investment. Not only this, but for those environmentally conscious people, roof thatching is an ecologically friendly option.

It is never too late to consider a thatched roof. Browse Directory Today for thatching services near you. These local tradesmen are reliable, experienced thatchers who will be able to come and assess your property and provide you with a quote for the work. Also, feel free to direct any questions you may have about roof thatching their way! Simply find the service that best suits your needs on this free UK business directory and give them a call via the contact details provided.

Kayleigh Powis

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