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Musical Instruments (And Children) Are The Future!

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Is Your Child The Next Mozart?

Many parents encourage their child to learn a musical instrument alongside their normal school studies. Whilst it is definitely nice to hear a child strum a tune on a guitar, or play a melody on a piano, it has been proven that learning a musical instrument as a child actually has some benefits too.

Firstly, according to studies, playing a musical instrument makes you smarter! Children who are exposed to music and/or play a musical instrument perform better in school than those who are less musically inclined. Learning a musical instrument keeps the mind alert, can heighten a child’s IQ, and improve their reading age. Secondly, playing a musical instrument has been proven to relieve stress, acting as a calming effect on children. Children prone to hyperactivity will benefit greatly from a handful of lessons. You will quickly see an improvement!

Learning a musical instrument as a child not only improves your memory, but also enhances co-ordination, teaches children determination (yes, learning your first piece may be a little frustrating at first, but persevere and soon you’ll be making yourself proud of your abilities!), and sharpens a child’s concentration.

Not only this, but learning a musical instrument is, above all, fun, and instills a sense of achievement in the youngster. Like most things, such as learning to ride a bicycle or learning a language, acquiring a new skill is much harder later in life. Children seem to adapt to learning much easier than us adults, and the same can be said when learning a musical instrument. Encouraging them to pick an instrument up early means that the child is more likely to remember their new-found skills, and adapt to them more quickly and easily.

Whilst these are only a few reasons, the list can definitely go on. There are plenty of reasons why children should learn a musical instrument early, so why not encourage your own child to take up an instrument of their choice? Visit Directory Today to find a list of musical instrument retailers. This free business listings provides you with a variety of musical experts in your area, who will be able to assist you in choosing the right instrument for your child. Simply visit the retailer by using their address listed, or give them a call for some over-the-phone advice!

Kayleigh Powis

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