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From Quarry to Patio

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Is this the origin of your patio?

Do you ever think about where the stone beneath your feet has come from? Before it has made it as slabs on your patio, it has gone through a long process which starts at a quarry.

Once a quarry site has been determined, large machinery is brought in to excavate large blocks of stone. Freed with a variety of large machinery, often involving a diamond wire saw, the blocks are cut out of the mountainous area, and are then cut down to a smaller size by a wire saw process. Wire sawing uses diamond-laced steel wire, which is threaded through and around the block, then pulled tighter and tighter until it eventually cuts through the entire block. Once the block is cut to a size that is easier to transport, it is taken off to a manufacturing plant. From here, industries will buy up the stone to use for a number of resources, such as cement, and as previously mentioned, patio tiles.

Patio and floor tiles undergo several processes after they are transported from the quarry. As well as being cut to the shape and size that is required, they will undergo several rounds of smoothing, polishing and cleaning to make them ready to ship out and sell to customers. Often buffed until they are almost mirror like (especially floor tiles for an area like your kitchen), they’re finally ready to sell!

Patio tiles can often be somewhat expensive. The price can vary depending on the size of each patio slab, the stone that has been used, and the process of manufacture that has been adopted. Buying directly from a home and garden store may seem like a quick and easy way to acquire your patio tiles, but it is not always the cheapest. Actually, it can often be cheaper to go straight to a quarry to acquire them. Not only this, but quarries can also provide you with other raw materials that you may be requiring for other planned building work.

You can find local quarries with Directory Today, a free online directory with access to a whole variety of contact details for businesses and services in your local area. Just find the quarry in closest proximity to your home, and visit them or give them a call to arrange a pick-up of the materials you require.

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