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Weatherproof Your House!

Weatherproof Your House Article Photo, Double Glazing Installers

Keep the weather out with better windows

If you have been following the news recently you will have heard of Hurricane Sandy that has battered the East Coast of America. Hurricane Sandy affected at least 24 states, from Florida to Maine, and left a devastating amount of damage in its wake. Hundreds of people now face the costly prospect of re-building their homes after winds as high as 100mph were recorded in the affected areas. We have to count ourselves lucky that we hardly ever get storms of that size in the UK. But what would you need to do to prepare for a big storm if we had to endure one?

Before a storm of this magnitude is due to hit, if god forbid, we ever did have one, there are ways in which we can try to protect our homes from taking more damage than necessary. Firstly, check that your roof is in good condition, and repair any loose tiles. A broken roof could let in water from the heavy downpours in the storm, and the drier the inside of your house in this period, the better! Another tip is to check that your pipework is intact. Again, repair any that could be liable to bursting, causing flooding and excessive damage. And finally, make sure that your windows are weatherproof.

In a storm, it is a good idea to ensure that the seals around the windows are intact. Window sealant stops any excess moisture from entering your home, which proves to be essential in severe weather. Single pane windows are not ideal in a storm, as they are not overly strong. There have been incidents where single pane windows have shattered or have been blown out in high force winds. Also, single pane windows tend to let a lot of heat out, meaning that your home is a lot colder. Storms of this magnitude tend to bring a lot of colder weather, and single pane windows are more likely to let this into your house. Double glazed windows are stronger and can endure most winds, and will also stop so much cold air from entering or hot air from escaping your home.

Need to ensure your windows are weatherproof, double glazed or repaired? You can find plenty of local double glazing installers and window repair services via Directory Today. This free business directory provides you with professionals in your local area who will be able to assist you in making sure that your windows are prepared for any bad weather, from torrential rain to full blown storms. So before we are subjected to any severe weather, get your windows weatherproofed!

Kayleigh Powis

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