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Time to Tile Up with a New Bathroom

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Wouldn’t we all want a bathroom like this?!

Summer is fast approaching, and plenty of people are starting to consider refurbishing parts of their house. A new bathroom is always a nice idea, especially as this typically damp room can harvest mould and leaks from time to time. Refreshing a bathroom with even just a new lick of paint can make a significant improvement. But how about fitting a new suite?

If you have enough money put by to completely replace your bathroom, then by all means, do it! Plumbers can fit a whole new suite, taking about a week to two weeks to fit completely in average. There are many reasons why you should consider getting a new bathroom installed, rather than just cleaning up the tiles or repainting. For starters, perhaps your current suite is looking a little outdated? Fashions are constantly changing, not only for clothing, but for furnishings and homeware too. This includes enamel bath, toilet and sink sets too. That powder pink bathroom suite you had put in about 20 years ago may not seem all that appealing to you now, for instance! Ripping out the old suite in favour of a new one drastically updates the style, pushing your bathroom into the modern age.

Perhaps you have suffered from a severe leak? Water damage can really affect the look of your bathroom, warping the floor, ruining tiles and creating mould and mildew. If this is your bathroom, it definitely sounds like time for a complete fix. A plumber will not only be able to fix the leak, but they can completely rip up your bathroom and replace the entire suite with dry, non-water damaged items. Doing this will prevent the spread of mould and dampness that may have been clinging to your previous suite and hanging around underneath your floor.

Before you fully commit to having a new bathroom suite, it is wise to bear in mind some aspects. Firstly, how much will it cost? Getting a bathroom replaced can be rather costly, depending on the suite you have chosen, as well as the plumber’s fee. Not only this, but getting a new bathroom installed can take some time. As I previously mentioned, bathrooms can typically be installed in about 1 to 2 weeks, depending on its size and what work needs to be carried out. However, this could end up being longer than this, especially if the plumber working on your bathroom runs into complications (for example, uncovers a leak that you were unaware of). If you are prepared to have plumbers in for some time, then go for it.

Once you have fully decided to commit to getting a new bathroom installed though, then it’s time to find a reliable plumber! You can browse for Plumbing Services via Directory Today; an online business directory that puts you in touch with trusty services in your area. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and give them a call to book your bathroom!

Kayleigh Powis

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