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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Home

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Get that drafty loft insulated to make your home eco-friendly

With the news constantly talking about climate change and how our lifestyles have caused some freaky weather in the past few years (most recently, we’ve been getting snow flurries in March – quite rare!), it’s time we start to consider living more eco-friendly. As well as recycling, your home can also become much more environmentally friendly, but how do you go about changing your home for the better? Continue reading

Time to Tile Up with a New Bathroom

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Wouldn’t we all want a bathroom like this?!

Summer is fast approaching, and plenty of people are starting to consider refurbishing parts of their house. A new bathroom is always a nice idea, especially as this typically damp room can harvest mould and leaks from time to time. Refreshing a bathroom with even just a new lick of paint can make a significant improvement. But how about fitting a new suite?

Continue reading

Add a Sweet Touch to Your Homemade Gifts

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Your own handy work?

Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion often results in spending a considerable amount of money. This is quite worrying for people who have to stick to a strict budget, especially in times where multiple presents for different people need to be bought, like Christmas. But thankfully, there are ways to save you money, whilst providing a more personal, thoughtful gift in the process. Why not make some sweets and treats? Continue reading

Store, Store, Store

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So much storage

Container ships are getting bigger and bigger. A large volume of goods are produced in Asia and are consumed in Europe and the US, and this only seems to be increasing. To combat this problem, a new cargo ship will be launched in June 2013. With a much larger capacity than before, the ‘Triple E’ will contain as much steel as eight Eiffel Towers and have a capacity equivalent to 18,000 20ft containers. This is staggering when you think about it. Continue reading

Fish Out Aquarium Supplies

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Your new pet?

An aquarium is a great option for people who would like to have pets but are restricted in certain ways, either for reasons of space, allergies, or stipulations of the land owner. An aquarium also has tremendous therapeutic benefits and is a great, involving hobby.  But as with most investments of time and money, it’s something that needs a bit of consideration first. Continue reading